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Mac Pro and Leopard: First thoughts August 8, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

Mac pro, very nice machine. First the Mac Pro. Its more of a server class machine than a productivity workstation class machine. Leopard is nicer but it copies a lot of things from Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and other Microsoft products and delivers some awkwardness, like Spaces. I really dont like my virtual desktops like that but its nice now that OS X is becoming more like UNIX than previously.  Other apps like Mail, iCal and Spotlight and Dashboard had some impressive work done to them but more cosmetic than functional. They even took a lot from Kontact and Im expecting in the not to decent future for them to combine iCal and  add some more groupware type functionality.  The new backup utility was rather nice as well of course it looks rather nice on Windows Server 2003.  Im sorry though, I was expecting a WOW from WWDC and just havent gotten it at all.  Impressive how much work they actually put into the products but it seems more like catch up more than innovations.  I know my Mac friends will be pissed at me for saying that and not drinking the kool-aid but oh well.  Im also still waiting for Apple answer to the Expression Suite.



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