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WWDC 2006 August 8, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

I had a good flight.  I actually left Texas to come here because of a job interview.  I arrived just in time to be rushed to make it to the conference.  This was my last spit in the eye to my last employer who had approved this trip a while ago.  So far it has not had a lack of excitement, and Steve once again puts on a decent show. This year tho its like being at summer camp with a bunch of kids who just reached puberty and just want to talk sex. They really have no idea what they are talking about and are misinformed about many things. The level of immaturity has gotten to some of the Mac faithful here who have made overheard comments on it which was surprising. Another thing is the level of wannabe importance. Maybe I have been poisoned by the rest of the world, but the number of wannabe big shots are astounding. Even guys I know that live in their moms basement and drive around in used clunkers and their Mac is the nicest thing in their house are acting like they have a million bucks. WWDC The debutante ball of the Mac world. Yes, I know. When they read this Im probably going top be very unwelcome. Also, another surprising thing is among the attendees there are an impressive number of Linux and Windows laptops.



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