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GNU/Darwin Founder: Open Source Darwin? Not yet August 10, 2006

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Apple is stonewalling open-source developers despite the company’s recent release of much of the Mac OS X Tiger kernel source code, according to Proclus, administrator of the GNU-Darwin Distribution. “In order to have a free and open source system, two things are necessary. First, all the necessary source code must be obtainable by anyone, and second the system must obviously be bootable in order to use it,” Proclus told MacNN. “Darwin OS is not bootable without the AppleACPIPlatform driver, which is closed source [and proprietary] at this time.” On a related note, a slew of unannounced features have been posted to the web, found in the developer preview of Leopard.

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My Thoughts; Apple needs to be straight forward and release the necessary modules.  One thing is getting Darwin to boot, its another thing to get it working properly.  Without the ACPI extension, there might as well not be a porting effort.  I think what Apple is doing is that they want people to improve the kernel and submit kernel patches, what they dont want is a standalone Darwin system.  Which is a shame.



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