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Microsoft invites Firefox development team to Redmond August 22, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Interesting Reads, Tech News.

Sam Ramji over at Port25 has invited the Mozilla team to come view their facilities and to help them get Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird runnung smoothly on Windows Vista.  The team hasnt issued a response yet.

Link to story

My Thoughts; It would be well worth the trip.  Microsoft extended the invitation, lets see who takes it.



1. Jon Ogg - August 22, 2006

Mozilla absolutely should attend, even if it is on their dime. There are hundreds of thousands of investors who HAVE to use Windows without a choice, but we ALL can use Firefox. When Microsoft agrees to go ahead and embrace open source as the “cost of doing business” they will actually win. The financial community and most critical businesses are not going to ditch Windows, or if they do it will be a long way off. Make these compatible so we can use the other available tools (too many to note) and you will win customers for life. This is Mozilla’s chance to win in more communities. Here is the link for my comments and for the “Windows Vista Is On Track”:

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