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Indian School logs out of Microsoft August 27, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

“Free software guru Richard Stallman’s visit last week had nudged the schools to discard the proprietary software altogether,” state education minister MA Baby told FE. “Stallman has inspired Kerala’s transition to free software on the lines of an exciting model of a Spanish province, which did the same,” the minister said.

The Left Democratic Front government targets implementing an earlier government order that was issued during the previous United Democratic Front regime. The decision was taken in 2004 to push open source systems, but this was not actively followed, said Baby. Initially, schools were given the option to choose whether teachers were to be trained in Linux systems or Microsoft. The option has now narrowed down to migration.

In the current year, class VIII students have shifted to Linux. By 2007, class XI students and by 2008 class X students will follow suit.

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My Thoughts; They are taking the word of a man who has lost much of the affections of the open source community. Except of course for his most devout worshippers.  This is a bad idea. By cutting out Microsoft from the schools you are doing the one thing that Open Source software developers have been trying to spread the message for.  You are depriving them of choice.



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