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Google Discloses Plans For Long-Awaited Office Suite August 28, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Interesting Reads, Opinions, Tech News.

Useless offering, much lower quality than Windows Live and is unsupportted. Windows Live is supported and Microsoft Virtual Earth works much better than Google earth, and also runs on Linux. Waste of time and probably resources.

Some of the more obvious problems. What happens if your net connection goes down while you are collaborating from New York to LA? You’re screwed. Security and bandwidth issues are also present. As always people are missing the biggest point of all, while Google claims it can host the apps and the documents, as a software developer I know as users demand more functionality and features you’re code base grows.  One project I worked on when started was 724k.  Nows its 57 mbs in size.  Writely probably is about roughly that, 700 to 900 kbs right now but it only does 5% of what Office can do.  Google will find as it grows the applications Bandwidth will become an issue eventually.  I probably wouldnt use this solution at all.
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