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When analysts become biased and should be ignored September 4, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions, Tech News.

Over at Forbes they have an article where Shaw Wu likened Microsofts upcoming Zune product as uninteresting and likened the iPod as the de-facto standard in portable multimedia and already has said Zune is dead in the water with similar outcomes to the X-Box and X-Box 360.

Link to article 

My Thoughts;  Shaw Wu, if you search his name in your favorite engine, is often times associated with the Mac product line forcasts.  He is also labeled by many sites as a Apple Insider.  To me it looks like Steve Jobs picked up the phone and called in a favor.  I looked and this guy bashes every Microsoft product from the XBox line to the upcoming Zune product.

Personally I wouldnt trust this guy’s analysis of Zune.  First, not all the details are known of Zune.  What limited information is available does not make me think this guy really did that great a job.  When you are labeled an insider and clearly show a bias, as Shaw Wu does to Apple and the Mac, I dont consider his advice, needed, warranted or really worth paying attention to.



1. Darcey - September 4, 2006

When are people going to get bored of using the Xbox as an example of a microsoft failure? The important thing with the Xbox was not to make money but to gain a good footing in the market, which is exactly what they achieved. I t[hink with the 360 they are going to see their hard work and patients start to pay off in the next couple of years. If this is the best example he can think of then MS are not doing to badly.

Most new microsoft products are written off and laughed at before they are first released (Tablet PC, windows media center, The Xbox, UMPC’s), they are all starting to do fine now though. I think this article can be best described as pure FUD.

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