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Free as in beer… Is beer free? September 22, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

I have always had a problem with that saying.  Beer is not free.  No one can get free beer.  Go to your local ale house and get a beer dont you pay for that?  When you get a keg, dont you pay for that?  Even to brew your own beer you have to buy the ingredients to make it.  Beer is not free, someone may give you a beer but it cost somebody some money down the line somewhere.  Not a very good analogy when you think aout it is it?



1. Erik - September 26, 2006

Here’s two interesting article about GPL-lisence.

What do you think Roberto?

2. MrFreeLunch - September 28, 2006

You don’t get it, do you!

the saying is: “Free as in beer, not as in freedom”. Meaning free as something you will recieve as a physical thing, not as freedom…..

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