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Sony rips off MacBook and Windows Vista Revealed September 22, 2006

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Apparantly Sony has copied the infamous MacBook design.  From the white chiclet buttons to the color scheme its all MacBook and Apple according to some should sue.  So what about Windows Vista?  Apparantly Windows Vista is ” It’s Windows XP dressed up to fool the general public that it’s “just like Apple’s Mac OS X.”  and if you want 
” Buy this mess, put Vista on it and you, too, can have a retarded stepchild of Apple’s Mac platform. “

Link to storycommunity is less vocal and more mature than the Mac and Linux community.  While the Linux and Mac communities are quick to label the Windows community as untalented, lazy and computer science illiterate.  Its been said by some that the Windows community is incapable of developing software on par of that of UNIX/Linux or the Mac.  Considering that Windows software tends to be better designed, have better features and have a level of quality the labels seem very inaccurate.  The Windows community members I know of are not “blind zombies” many have used or use alternative platforms along with the Windows platform.

Mac — The Mac community tends to be more vocal and more religous like.  They never pass up an oppurtunity to insult Windows users or Bill Gates and Microsoft.  They also tend to make blind clueless claims.  Many in the Mac community have never used Windows or an alternative platform.  They heard of Blue Screen of death through a newsgroup or on the web somewhere and tend to use excuses of problems that either no longer exist in Windows



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