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Elizabeth Edwards and a Zune walkthrough: The Scoble Show October 26, 2006

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Actually I thought the video was crap.  Not because Scoble did it, Robert did a great job.  I look forward to more of the Scoble Show.  Its nice to see Robert back to doing fun things.  I wish him and Maryam all the best  As for why the Video sucked, well the Zune guy didnt know crap about the product it seemed he was reading from a script and he was unprepared for the presentation which I am sure he had time to prepare for as I am somewhat thinking Scoble didnt just show up.  Nimrods like that is what makes Microsoft look bad.  Good quality video and sound.

Link to article 

In other Scoble Show news, Maryam Scoble had an interview with Elizabeth Edwards, the wife of Senator John Edwards (Who Im hoping will be in the Whitehouse in ’08 BTW) and it was very good as well.  Maryam is actually a better interviewer than Robert is.  Some good videos to watch if you are having a slow Thursday afternoon

Link to Interview 



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