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IE7 vs Firefox 2 October 26, 2006

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Well guys Im back to blogging. My vacation is now officially over. So what better way to commemorate my return than to blog about the two most controversial releases of all time. IE7 and Firefox 2.0. I have downloaded both and I have used both. Both have done a great job improving security and reliability. I personally like both but I will have to say Firefox 2.0 is my favorite. Its crossplatform, works with older Windows releases and its very fast. While IE7 is nothing to laugh at, its from Microsoft and future IE versions more than likely be used as an excuse to force upgrades.
So what are some of the differences. The IE7 interface has been complete;ly redesigned from the ground up to make it look more like Vista and to look more modern. It has a brand new button layout and mimics some of the features found in other browsers. I find it much faster to render than IE6 and not the memory hog IE6 was. IE7 also has a Tab priview where you can see tiny thumbnails of your open tabs. Opening Tabs is much faster and less system resource intensive than using the addons such as Yahoo Toolbar and MSN Toolbar on IE 6.

Firefox has just added some stuff that makes sense to Firefox 2.0. They added a quick close on the tabs now. The icon theme also sports a new glassier look similar to the default OS X Theme and it helps it look fabulous on Windows Vista. They added a new anti-phishing feature and changed the extensions and themes dialog basically combining the two under a new menu item called ‘add-ons’.

The only similarities between the two is that when a new search provider is found the search bar glows and Microsoft and the Mozilla team collaborated on the RSS icon

So in conclusion, If you like IE and hate Firefox, if your computer can take it upgrade to IE7. If you are fed up with IE and want an alternative or you still run ol’ reliable Windows 2000, Firefox is the way to go.

Download Firefox

Download IE7



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