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Once again the Interface wars December 29, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

Over my admitting that I use KDE distributions and KDE on my BSD box the few readers I have left that use GNOME are trying to convert me.  Let me start off by saying I dont have a problem with GNOME, I thinks irts a good alternative and if you like that approach more power to you.  I prefer KDE.  I prefer KDE for many reasons and the fact it emulates Windows is not one of them.  I like it because it has a more integrated feel to it, its got a ton of native apps and the applications just seem to work better.   I havent changed my mind in the past year.  The only GTK app I have on my Kubuntu box is Synaptic, mostly because Adept is retarded.  QT is a good development environment and has some great tools and has development tools on all major platforms from Windows to Mac to embedded devices.  What little picture editing I do I use Krita, Amarok and Kaffeine are good media applications.  The only desktop environment that can probably lure me off of KDE is Enlightenment 17 when it becomes a release.  Until then its KDE all the way.  Sorry guys.



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