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Mac OS X Shines In Comparison With Windows Vista January 7, 2007

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John C Welch has written an article comparing Mac OS X with Windows Vista.  It wasnt bad in terms as it wasnt preachy.  I respect John and his work and actually used some of his writings in college papers, etc.  But the comparison was biased.  Take a hardcore Mac fan and have him write a comparison with his OS of choice, guess what.  his OS of choice will win hands down every time.  Sorry but its way too biased.  Thats like having Paul Vigay do a comparison between RISC OS and Windows.  Wait, that already happened.  So, while I respect John and his work, getting him to write a review comparing Mac OS X to Vista is like getting a member of the KKK to be a spokesman for the NAACP.

Link to article 



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