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This week in review: Iphone, Windows Vista, Home Server oh my!!! January 16, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Tech News.

For this week I have been so busy I decided to do a rollup of the weeks events. First lets start with CES, which I think was the better show this week. We got a really indepth look at Windows Vista. A lot of which puts OS X and rival companies offerings off the porch. With features like that I think this is probably one of the better Windows releases in a little while. At CES you had a fair share of new companies showing off some drop dead gorgeous and functional devices. One of the announcements was Windows Home Server, Home Server will surely be a hit with the extreme techy crowd but the average household will probably hold off.

Macworld.  While everyone is so impressed with the iPhone, Im not.  It does nothing new that my SmartPhone doesnt do.   Its made by Apple; WOW!!!  If Apple doesnt reasonably price the phone it will probably flop.  Of course, reasonably priced, is not in Apples vocabulary.  Apple changed its name to Apple Inc.  which shows they are starting to expand to new markets.  No new news on any new Macs, iPods or Leopard.  The show seemed kind of bland to me.  For me it lacked the excitement of Macworlds long past.

So while Apple may have stole the show on Tuesday, CES really shined and really outdid Apple this time around.


1. Carl Jack - February 27, 2007

Have you ever held an iPhone in your Hand, have you actually watched the Keynote? – How can you say that your SmartPhone can do the same, when clearly what Apple has designed is Revolutionary. I mean even if your SmartPhone can do all that the Iphone can do(which I doubt) does it do it all that easily and elegantly?

Can your Smartphone:
render whole Webpages, manage a Phone call, write Emails and Play music?, at the same time without any loss of speed? Not to mention – Does it have a touch screen that is designed to work with a finger?

What you are writing in my point of unqualified and should be revised.

2. Carl Jack - February 27, 2007


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