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10 Things I hate about Vista January 26, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

People always claim Im in a hurry to show affection for Bill Gates and Windows Vista.  Well with Bill, I admire the guy.  Instead of taking his billions and running around like a 19 year old with a permanant erection like some CEO’s we know; Bill is quick to try to help humanity, cure diseases and generally try to make it bearable for those who find the world unbearable.  But enough on Bill, lets move on to Windows Vista.  As with any product I use I have my likes and dislikes.  here is my list of Vista dislikes.

1.  Editions —  Way to many editions of Windows Vista.  There should only be one, maybe 2 but definatly not 6.

2.  The blue pearl — While I like the idea of the blue pearl I hate the fact it extends up and beyond the taskbar.  Shrink it a bit.

3.  Desktop search — While I like the desktop search function, I hate the implementation.  They should have gone with something similar to Windows Desktop Search and put it in the taskbar.

4.  Driver support — Some of my printers and scanners are unsupported on Windows Vista, a true shame and since Microsoft changed the Device driver model its unlikely to change any time soon as companies wont see any need to update their drivers.

5.  Windows Calendar — Even though it is said to be iCal compliant, it isnt.  I can go from iCal to Windows Calendar but not vice versa.

6.  Application support — Some of my favorite apps like Virus Sheild, yes Cybermagellan this is a hint for YOU, GAIM, Frostwire and Adobe Audition dont work on Vista, GAIM and Frostwire for me refuses to connect.

7.  Theme support — Still no support for 3rd party themes. Inexcusable.

8.  Price — Yep, very expensive but worth it.  I may buy a couple of copies and replace the rest when I replace the PC’s

9.  Hardware support — yeah I do wish it would support older hardware, particularly Video and sound cards and printers and scanners. 

10.  Driver signing —  It will be interesting to see how this one works itself out.  Whether device driver developers will have to belong to an exclusive club.  But its about time Microsoft addressed the security issue.



1. lauren - February 2, 2007

Totally agree with the points (I have a license at work, but won’t purchase one for myself for a while). On another note, I really enjoy your blog and would like to talk to you about involvement in another writing project. If you are interested, please email me at lauren[at]thisisby[dot]us.

2. Mattux - March 4, 2007

In my opinion, Vista is not a worthy operating system at all.

– Although the base of the system has been redesigned to be more efficient and stable (especially the network subsystem), Microsoft doesn’t claim it in advertisements and emphasize on the brand new shiny glass-looking interface instead… very clever… This is the marketing proof that we have reached the point where the look is more important than the functionalities for most of the users.
– While talking about the interface, I would like to mention something really interesting about Aero, the Vista desktop theme. I tried to run Mac OS X x86 in a virtual machine on my Thinkpad, and I was quite astonished to see that all the graphic elements like transparency, minimizing, Dock animation, Dashboard and Exposé were still working without any graphic acceleration, jerking but working. On Vista, Aero won’t be activated unless you have the right DX9 compliant graphic card with its WHQL signed driver or you have another build than the Windows Vista Home Basic. Moreover, some guys reported the effects are not rendered the same way whether you have a DX9 or a DX10 based graphic card. By the way, Flip 3D is not really efficient, Exposé on Mac OS X is great in comparison.
– Because Microsoft has closed any direct access to hardware, OpenGL has to pass by the Direct3D layer to display 3D accelerated scenes, which results in a considerable loss of performance (sometimes down to only 70% of equivalent performances under Windows XP), that’s why gamers don’t really love Vista at the moment.
– Vista uses a lot of memory. I find particularly ridiculous the need of up to 500MB of memory (okay, I’m slightly exaggerating) to run Word 2007 in Vista while Word 2000 running on Windows 2000 and using less than 150MB of memory allows you to do exactly the same job. Vista needs a strong and quite new machine to run efficiently, which is stupid because most of the users just utilize their computers to type and print documents, browse Internet, chat, send and receive mails… To make long stories short, you can do all these things on the machine you already own with Windows 2000 or XP, or better with Linux or FreeBSD. Hardcore gamers won’t be using Vista for a while for the reason I mentioned before, and people who need to do image processing, video edition or professional 3D design and animation have no interests to change to Vista even if they have very powerful computers.
– The best aspect of Vista is the instant search but it is copied from Mac OS X Spotlight that exists since April 2005, release date of Tiger.

Finally, Microsoft may be at the apogee of its monopole with Vista, it may begin to decline in the next decade because alternatives are more and more easy to install and use while being free. Linux and other open source software begin to be popular, and this only the beginning in my opinion. People only have to be open-minded and accept the fact Linux is not so different to use than Windows for example…

3. Micksta - April 9, 2007

f$%*£^&”) is what i say to vista its fucked totally, since purchasing my new pc it has crashed to sum blue screeen memory dump thing evry fucking hour and it jus gets worse before vista even loads up it restarts to the blue screen i have changed my desktop background to a solid colour and jus hav time to write this posts bill gates needs 2 get shot and vista neeeds to get dumped in the bin excuse my swearing but vista deserves evry bad word it gets if anyone is gettin a good experience out of vista they r lucky bastuds i just cant wait for them to fix it but im sure it wil still be fucked and they wil take a year to figure it out but i guess thats what u get from a company thats earning millions of pounds everyday fuck microsoft and fuck vista i would rather have a mac G4

4. Madfrog - May 18, 2007

I had to do a compatability test to see what operating system our company will be moving to in the future. Sadly, Vista scored only 25% while ubuntu 7.04 scored 85%

The fact is that the move to Ununtu from XP was easyer for my test group than the move to Vista.

Vista will never again be seen on our network.

5. Nathaniel G - May 19, 2007

Thats good for you Madfrog. Unfortuantely for the rest of us 99% it was the other way around. In my organization Vista scored the highest of either. We had to work through massive hardware glitches with Ubuntu. We cross compile everything .NET internally with Mono but speed, resiliency, familiarity, support options were the four issues (also the hardware compatibility issue) that held us from switching to Ubuntu 7.04. Since Ubuntu outside the LTS release is not supported very well was a kill deal with the support crew. The light at the end of the tunnel I was able to introduce some Macs into the network and they are performing very well.
Good luck to you.

6. will - June 18, 2007

my webcam wont work on my laptop with vista !!

i hate it !!!

can anyone help me ???


7. Wayne W - October 27, 2007

I just got stuck with this piece of garbage on my new Toshiba Satellite laptop. The epitome of gates’ garbage.

Extremely difficult to navigate. As a science .writer, I need to keep several documents open at the same time… extremely difficult and resources- hogging. Older tried and true products over several generations of gates’ OS greed won’t run… AND… for those of you who haven’t noticed: It will not read help files from earlier ms products, making them all but instantly obsolete, meaning you have to upgrade to the latest… and I couldn’t navigate the demo at all… as they cater to IQs that run in the mid 40s.

And for those of you who think he’s such a humanitarian, BULL! It’s all PR. Let’s say you or I have an estimated worth of S100,000. His is in excess of $50,000,000,000. Which means $1 million to him is like $20 to us. To us peons, his donations sound huge… but’s that just we are to him: pee ons. Wake up!

It’s time there was a major rebellion against this crap.

8. Andros Papageorgio - December 10, 2007

Vista is rubbish, anyone who installs it on their PC is a lamer

Win XP is bad enough (it spys on you) but Vista takes the booby prize.

Vista would be the death of Microsoft, but for stupid lamers who believe the hype and buy it, then regret it.

Dont buy Vista, and if buying a new PC refuse to make a purchace if it has Vista pre-installed on it

9. Peter - February 25, 2008

December 10, 2007 was the last entry in this blog, I wonder how all of you are dealing with VISTA now. I bought my Vista SONY VAIO some time after MS finally released VISTA on the market.

I am very disappointed with the OS. It took me couple of months to set up the services so that the CPU would not be stolen by useless background services and so that the thing would log in correctly. Because of compatibility issues many of the in-house Sony and crap-ware that came along did not work properly with Vista. What a shame for such an expensive product. Recently I disabled index search on my machine as it was taking too much CPU and made my machine run hot. Recently, I found some bezar driver that had a conflict. After disabling it, the reboot and return from hibernation improved substantially. Who know few more years of this and I’ll have the machine working as it should 🙂

As it was mentioned in the past posts, I exhibit the usual characteristics of an average user, meaning, editing text, managing and storing pictures, etc, and no gaming. However, as many other advanced users who were exposed to other OS’es, I am very unhappy with the fact that VISTA is trying to do many things behind doors. Which would be fine if it had a better implementation or AI behind these activities.

Currently there are two main problems that I have on my installation.

1) after standby, wireless internet appears to be operational, sometimes M-Outlook will even succeed to fetch email. Then the connection is reset and sometimes it will not come back at all. Unfortunately, a re-boot will often fix the problem. Shame!

2) after some updates, my built-in camera stopped working within Skype and Yahoo messengers. These I use often to communicate with my family. I know that the camera works fine, since it works with the Sony snapshot and movie software. External camera works just fine with messengers, but this is not why I payed extra for a built-in camera.

3) Minor but annoying. Machine wakes up from standby when I unplug my USB mouse. Can’t find the setting to stop doing this. So, I have to remember to unplug the mouse very time when I suspect that I may have to get up and leave with my laptop.

10. Niche Inspector Review - May 3, 2008

Not only Vista has to many editions, but the differences between them are huge and the drivers support is almost zero.

11. Russell Millard - June 15, 2008

You know when you first started looking at girls, you had a crush on one and she was pretty cool and then along came big sister and boy o boy was she flash looking, everything to make you stand up and take notice; but man what bitch she turned out to be.
Well, thats W2k and Vista.
I still go back to DOS 6.22 for serious number crunching, no bells and whistles but at least you know it will work everytime.
My Vista Ultimate will not stay connected to the internet for any great length of time. All hardware is Vista compliant and all drivers are Vista compliant. Like legions of others I have trawled the net for a fix, it is not fixable. I have to reboot a minimum of three times in any four hour period, record is seven
It is strange time we live in when a company can market a product that is fundamentally flawed and continue to do so in the face of a mountain of evidence. If Toyota or GMH did this they would be publically gutted.
Well I had to get Vista in order to understand it enough to support my clients. I begged, threatened and cajoled them to use XP but some of the poor bastards went to Vista because it was cheaper, didn’t that tell them something.
This my last forray into MS, there are many less frustrating and time consuming platforms around.


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