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Speeding up Vista on older machines: Do’s and Dont’s February 7, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

I have heard the excuses.  Windows Vista runs slow on older hardware.  how can you say it runs on older hardware.  These are some simple tips and tricks to help you some while using the new OS.

1.  Cut down on your sidebar widgets.  I have 3, the clock, calendar, and Media Player.  Dont use to many gadegets that have animations to them like sideshow, stock tickers etc.  While cool, it takes CPU cycles and system resources to run them.  If you really dont need them dont run them.

2.  Turn off translucence.  If your card does support Glass barely, turn off glass.  Nothing is less interesting than trying to get a bare minumum piece of hardware working like its new.

3.  Cut off the indexing service and use a third party like Copernic for desktop search needs.

 4. RAM is essential.  Try to max out the machine if you got it.

Personal observations state:  Vuideo will actually play with Windows Vista Basic and a 32mb video card.



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