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Get OpenSolaris.org March 2, 2007

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Simon Phipps has announced the Get OpenSolaris.org website.  This on the heels of Sun joining the FSF.  The kits are free and global delivery is free.  Since Canonical quit offering the free CD’s for Ubuntu Sun is the only one doing this and these are DVD’s not CD’s with the complete source included.  No type of support is included with the kit.  The kits include the following:

  • Solaris Express — Preview future features of Sun’s Solaris Operating System. Also inside: ZFS, DTrace, Containers, and hundreds of other unique features.
  • Live CDs — These bootable images allow you to check out community-built distributions of OpenSolaris, each with unique features:

    Nexenta OS
  • Sun Studio compilers — Get advanced features for developing applications on Sun Solaris SPARC and x86/x64 platforms.
  • OpenSolaris source code

So order yours today.




1. Steve George - March 2, 2007


Actually you can still get Ubuntu on CD shipped to you anywhere in the world, absolutely for free, from http://shipit.ubuntu.com. We ship 6.06 LTS which is maintained (security + critical fix patches) for 3 years. It’s available from We don’t ship the cutting edge version but you can download it for free – it gets maintenance for 18 months.



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