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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5: Why Bother? March 16, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

Steven J Vaughn-Nichols has posted a ” Four good reasons to switch to RHEL 5” editorial.  In this editorial he cites his own opinion piece “Vista:  Why bother?”  Talk about credibility.  Thats like asking a guy who has a traffic accident (or train wreck) to be his own witness.  But my only question to Steven is this:  Can you only pick 4 reasons to upgrade to RHEL 5?  4 reasons is like masturbation without the payoff.  Did he seriously use the product?  Did he even get the generated e-mail like I did that said that the images were available please download a copy for a review.  If four reasons are the only thing he can come up with I might consider cancelling my download.  I can think of four reasons to stick with RHEL 4 rather than upgrade.  Steven Im going to do you a favor, I know how great Vista is and even did my own opinion piece on it but Im not going to cite my own piece.  So, let me call your ” Four reasons to switch to RHEL 5″ and raise you ” 30 reasons to switch to Vista


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