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OS Zealots and the stupidity March 18, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

Im tired of em.  You know who I mean.  The guys that aggravate the forums with their choice is better than yours.  They often revert to lying, spreading misinformation and just being dicks.  Take for instance the zealots that go to Channel 9.  Who can appreciate those guys.  Yes I know there are people out there who love Linux.  Yes I know there are people out there who love Mac OS X.  And yes, I know there are people out there who love Windows.  My only question is do some of you need to be so hard headed about it.  Some say I flip flop.  I go from one camp to another.  I dont consider myself a flip flopper.  Im one who is willing to concede that yes, Apple does a good job sometime.  Im willing to concede I like UNIX and Linux flavors when they are packaged together right and work flawlessly.  Of course I do like Windows.

What I dont like is when my technological prowess is questioned because I complain ndiswrapper doesnt work right or my display flickers like a 70’s disco ball because X didnt configure it properly.  Its not that I dont know how to fix it because I do.  But if the zealots of the world are willing to climb to the highest available mountain and proclaim Linux and/or Solaris or BSD are fit for use by the non-technical you better be willing to back up your claims.  If I install Linux and or any UNIX flavor and nothing works right its frustrating.  Can you therefore appreciate how frustrating it will be for someone who doesnt know how to use the systems.  Its definately more frustrating for them because everything worked in **GASP** Windows **GASP** or Mac OS X.  So when I complain its not because I lack technological mojo, its because Im coming at you with something you will hear from Aunt Suzie who barely knows how to turn on the freaking machine.  Would it be nice for Dell and other hardware OEM’s to bundle Linux?  Of course it would be.  It would put Microsoft on its toes and probably motivate the hell out of em.  But until something as usable to newcomers as Windows, BeOS or Mac OS X comes out of the Linux camp Windows will be the number 1 pick.  I like Linux.  I have tons of experience with it.  I dont wish death upon it but if zealots are considering themselves representatives of a community please make some fricking sense and be civillized otherwise you look childish, retarded and make the entire community look bad as a whole.  On the other hand, dont consider all users of alternative systems as the bad guys.  They arent.  As with any industry you have people who are genuine and know what they are doing and can be a great resource.  I have friends in those camps.  Some are really great friends but often times they get drowned out by the zealots who proclaim Linux or Mac OS X to be the best thing next to the second coming.

If you cant find flaws in your favorite product who are you to tell me the flaws in mine?



1. royalschrubber - March 18, 2007

wow, great post.

2. Mark Czubin - March 18, 2007

Perhaps channel9 is owned by … you guessed it! microsoft!
It should attract those childish zealots! Heck why have a sensible discussion if you can just go out there and shout your opinion to them. Even if it has a reverse effect … 😥

Actually I have very little experience from zealots, heck I only know 2 linux zealots (both kids) , 2 windows zealot( on the site osnews.com) which one is also a kid (I think) and most mac boobs on various mac oriented sites(no surprise).

But their number is so small.. but heck when they open their mouth then the whole discussion is GONE. But sometimes everybody know who the zealot’s are and usually they get modded down so their comments don’t appear anymore(without lowering comment level).

Actually when I look around, I see mostly partial microsoft hate but not zealotry. (they got good arguments why they hate/love this or that)

But heck, I suggest c9 to adopt a comment rating system which you guys can then mod down the zealot so new comers don’t fall in to their trolling nets.

(from some visits to C9 coffee house*, it does look like you got some zealots… foxbar, corona coder, royalschrubber,… (sorry if I misspelt their nicknames))
*and your post

3. man - March 18, 2007

RoyalSchrubber isn’t really a zealot, just a major asshole

4. Mark Czubin - March 18, 2007

He might or might not, but it’s the impression he leaves behind. But I only do visit the forum occasionally.

5. royalschrubber - March 18, 2007

oh, I’m sorry if I insulted you…. what do you think is wrong with my posts? I know I sometimes like insulting penguin zealots and generally don’t like gpl, did I go too far somewhere? Please tell me 🙂

6. Mark Czubin - March 18, 2007

Well you always give me the feeling you discard every linux user the same, (an evil that should be destroyed :D).
I know you have tried linux but I would mind you that the linux community only have few zealots(some only needed a slap to reality) but they are very vocal especially and without doubt on a Microsoft website.
I find that you rather insult linux users without a founded cause. Check your nickname for example.

But that’s an impression I get from short visits. It might be the cause of the linux zealot’s on the website, it might be you have decided linux is wrong a long time ago. I don’t know.

I’m sorry, if I offend you, I always like to have a decent conversation and not just insult each other on unfounded or simply wrong statements.

Perhaps I should be more active on C9 & port25(mostly boring) but my heart lives with technology. ex: F-sharp from microsoft (they got a nice linux version 🙂 )

Anyways a bit of me: I’m a mainly linux user, have windows, mac and solaris box here as well, I am also a computer science student (which is also my interest in computers). My favorite licenses are GPL, CDDL & MIT. which should explain some of my views on software.
And I’m an belgian ubuntu support point(even if I use fedora) etc

So you get a small view who I am. Perhaps we can have someday decent conversation on C9 😉 Perhaps I can influence Microsoft for the better (like putting a mod system or I should finish my mono-develop F-sharp language support)

7. Mark Czubin - March 18, 2007

Hum on second thought … I should write smaller replies 🙂

8. royalschrubber - March 18, 2007

@Mark Czubin: yeah, it’s true I consider gpl an evil license (my fav is bsd), but I respect linux users if they respect us (I also got 2 friends and we sometimes joke about differences).

It’s just that I got mad when sirhomer (or corona) is posting obvious lies, so obvious that I am sure even he knows they are lies. People sometimes try to negate his stuff, maybe add some joke or two in it, but he’ll never buy what other say. And he comes again and again. So what should I do? I list everything that bothered me with linux or insult him (coz he insulted me with those lies on the first place..)

Also, I don’t really tkink linux is evil, they just choose bad license. Anyway, I am planning to try 7.04 ubuntu 😛

9. Loky - March 18, 2007

I remember the whole “my computer is better than yours” idiotic ramblings from the 1980’s. It appears that mentality continues to thrive into the new millenium.

The fanboys need to realise that it’s the right tool for the right job.

Use Windows, use MacOSX, use Linux. Each tool has its purpose.

10. Bob Maple - April 10, 2007

Hi I find this while trying to figure out how to install Thunderbird on my new linux machine. I am looking for a place that explains linux without the horrible man pages, just what I want to know and nothing more. I do not do this for fun or for hobby but need to get stuff done but the mail that comes on this machine doesn’t filter spam. I try running yum and that doesn’t work is there anywhere that just gives you what you need to run programs and the OS takes care of the rest? I don’t have to constantly pump my heart during the day, why should I have to find all kinds of libraries or figure out how to compose confusing repos? I just want stuff that works. I don’t care about linux or windows or mac, just the programs I need to run (or install) to get stuff done.

I find this article by googling “linux for people who hate stupidity” and it is. It would be smart if you can install what you need and if there was an easy way to figure out what version you are running. It is so frustrating I am thinking of becoming an activist for making linux usable.

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