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See ya around Vista and dumping Ubuntu 7.04 April 24, 2007

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I have pretty much quit using Vista and Ubuntu 7.04 after several hardware compatibility errors and software errors.  I decided to move back to Windows XP and 2000 Server. So why did I make this decision? Why earlier versions of Windows. Three words: compatibility, reliability and predictability.

Windows Vista was fine technically. I didnt have a bunch of issues with it but the issues I did have were indeed showstoppers. I rely heavily on some applications that just simply dont work with Windows Vista and the corresponding hardware wont work either and I am too cheap, or simply cant buy new hardware yet. On my main desktop an internal hardware device would cause Vista to bluescreen every couple of hours of use. Frustrating? Not the word.

Mobility simply on Windows Vista in a word sucks. My laptop while supported by Vista had some hardware issues that I just didnt want to have to muck with.  The first was my sound card. It works under Windows 2000 and Windows XP. After visiting Dells website and after talking to a support tech, I was told for the older Inspiron notebooks Dell wont be releasing updated drivers even if the machines can run Windows Vista. To make a long story short. The soundcard doesn’t work with Windows Vista easily. I have to disable my network card if I want to listen to audio and to connect to the web I then have to disable the soundcard for the network card to connect.

UWIN which I use for a third party client doesnt work on Windows vista nor does the hardware it has to interface with. Since I am basically her test bed, Vista was out of the question. Sure I probably could have used Vista, run the device and software under VM but whens the madness stop? Performance would also be an issue with that option. So back to Windows 2000 Server for that.

My stylus on my Tablet just wont work with Windows Vista either. Its frustrating because on one of the earlier Betas it did work fine once again they are working on fixing it, so its back to XP for that one until a fix becomes available.

So whats wrong with Ubuntu 7.04? simply put. 7.04 sucks. If this is supposed to be a Windows killer they have some major work to do. First, they include the crappy Prism54 driver which everyone knows is flawed and it wouldnt detect the 3 wireless USB adaptors or 1 PCMCIA card that I have. Blacklist it and use ndiswrapper right? Good plan. Some nimrod didnt include ndiswrapper on the install disk that has been included since version 4 so if you have no other alternative but a wireless connection you are SOL . Enabling the nvidia driver crashes 7.04 every time. My webcam was DOA with 7.04, one of my USB HUBS!!! Yes you heard it right HUB, H-U-B, the device you use to extend USB functionality by adding other USB devices, that works fine in eComStation/OS/2, BeOS and even Windows 98 will not work on 7.04. My Sony laptop has horizontal lines in 7.04 because of a faulty x-server driver, dont forget its supposed to be more laptop friendly. For me 7.04 is not a major step backwards its just a standstill with bugs. That laptop got Windows 2000 back and its never worked better.

Im sure the Windows and Ubuntu teams can fix the problems but for right now I need those three words: compatibility, reliability and predictability


Microsoft calls for a review of the Google/DoubleClick aquisition April 17, 2007

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Microsoft has called for a review of the deal.  Microsoft apparently offered up and matched Googles offer but DoubleClicks founder, a Microsoft hating fanatic decided to go with Google instead.  Thats what Microsoft wants you to think.  Im all for a review for nothing more than to hold Google accountable for all their swallowing up of online ad and internet companies.  At what point do you stop being competitive and become anti-competitive.  Google is fast approaching that line.  Using tactics that got Microsoft nailed in the first place.  In my opinion, its time to slow down Google now before we end up with a another stranglehold in the industry.

To Be or not to Be that is the question April 17, 2007

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One of my favorite operating systems from the 90’s attempted a little comeback. It was the BeOS. It tried the comeback as a new branded OS called Yellowtab Zeta. Well apparantly the main developer of Zeta, Bernd Korz, maintains what he was doing was legal while Access (PalmSource) say differently.

Bernd commented on his blog in some vague statement that he is going to talk to his attorneys last Thursday and promised a response that never arrived.  Meanwhile David “Lefty” Schlesinger from Access is requesting a copy of the license which Korz has not provided seemingly unable.

If you have Zeta installed on your system now may be the time to uninstall it.  There is a legal copy of an Open Source version of BeOS called Haiku coming soon and in the works.  BeOS Max has even gotten an okay from Access for redistribution “unofficially”  I do have the BeOS MAX distribution running in a virtual machine and cant wait for the legal Haiku to be released.  The one thing the BeOS community needs to remember is that Access is not the bad guy in this case.  they like any company are interested in protectng their intellectual property.  The bad guys are YellowTab, Magnussoft and Bernd Korz who seemingly stole from Access and are unwilling to fess up to the very real reality they are theives.  So please like the UNIX lawsuits of the 90’s which nearly destroyed one of the best OS’s in history, dont let this turn you off to the BeOS.  It may be on its way to a comeback and besides, it wont be the first time someone in this industry has been Bernd.

Silverlight: Flash killer? April 17, 2007

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Microsoft has released Silverlight which as many have said is meant to be a “flash-killer”.  I have many thoughts on Silverlight and being a flash-killer isnt one of them.

First thought.  This is a good move on Microsofts part.  They are trying to diverse into many different departments of content creation which is something we havent seen before.  They are trying to get past the image of being an OS and Office suite company which is whats needed on their part.

Second thought.  Part of me is skeptical about this move.  It seems to me that Microsoft is trying to be the all-stop shop for their customers like Apple is at times.  Meaning they want their customers to come to them for every piece of software that they want and pretty much limit the customers platform choice.  If Microsoft ties the Expression suite to the Windows platform then we can see customers being more dependant on Windows similar to the way they are with Visual Studios and the way Mac customers are tied to the Mac platform with Final Cut, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband and some of the more professional suites.  Microsoft has said they will port Expression Studio over to the Mac but until that happens Im skeptical.

Third thought. Is this a Flash killer?  I doubt it the one problem Microsoft has is the same that any new piece of software has.  Getting user adoption.  Flash is already a very well established product and its already cross platform and not only to the Mac and Windows.  Its crossplatform to Windows, Mac, Linux and some flavors of UNIX.   Some people have come out all hyped up over the products but we will have to see if Microsoft comes out guns blazing.  we will also have to wait to see the prices.  Following Microsofts trends of late I am expecting a cut down free version of Expression Studios but we will have to see if the pricing of the professional versions makes it appealing to existing flash customers.

Dell Linux: First look April 1, 2007

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Tonight during Dells exclusive Press Conference they unveilled their beta of their desktop distribution.  Derived from the Ubuntu distribution Dell is calling it Dellbuntu.  During the press conference they explained the intimacies of their desktop.  It premieres whats called the “shelf” at the top of the screen that holds the tasklist and varius icons as well as the bottom taskbar which holds various system related tools.  Dell’s CEO tested some of the applications which included advanced Mono support as well as a Linux first a fully licensed version of IE 6 that will be bundled with Dellbuntu.  Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer were on site and pledged that IE 7 will be released natively and exclusively for Dell before Dellbuntu’s release.  Dell and Microsoft also unveiled their patent promise that indemnifies users of Dellbuntu from any patent infringements in Dell’s flavor of Linux.  Mark Shuttleworth also present at the press conference also was quite pleased with what he saw and announced that Canonical will be assisting Dell in the further development of Dellbuntu in return for funding.  Dellbuntu includes several drivers and codecs not found in any other Linux distribution.  Dellbuntu will ship with full office suite and other necessary applications bundled.  Michael Dell had this to say ” With these new partnerships we believe we will be the premier supplier of Linux based solutions to the home and to the enterprise.  We believe our position will help catapult our offering above and beyond Novell SLED and Red Hat Linux.  With our Microsoft, Canonical and  Mono project partnerships we will be light years ahead of the competition in no time”  Bill Gates announced that all systems in Microsofts Open Source Lab will be running Dellbuntu. Oracle, IBM, SAP and Symantec have all stated immediate support for Dells Linux offering.

Below are screenshots of Dellbuntu Beta 1