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Silverlight: Flash killer? April 17, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

Microsoft has released Silverlight which as many have said is meant to be a “flash-killer”.  I have many thoughts on Silverlight and being a flash-killer isnt one of them.

First thought.  This is a good move on Microsofts part.  They are trying to diverse into many different departments of content creation which is something we havent seen before.  They are trying to get past the image of being an OS and Office suite company which is whats needed on their part.

Second thought.  Part of me is skeptical about this move.  It seems to me that Microsoft is trying to be the all-stop shop for their customers like Apple is at times.  Meaning they want their customers to come to them for every piece of software that they want and pretty much limit the customers platform choice.  If Microsoft ties the Expression suite to the Windows platform then we can see customers being more dependant on Windows similar to the way they are with Visual Studios and the way Mac customers are tied to the Mac platform with Final Cut, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband and some of the more professional suites.  Microsoft has said they will port Expression Studio over to the Mac but until that happens Im skeptical.

Third thought. Is this a Flash killer?  I doubt it the one problem Microsoft has is the same that any new piece of software has.  Getting user adoption.  Flash is already a very well established product and its already cross platform and not only to the Mac and Windows.  Its crossplatform to Windows, Mac, Linux and some flavors of UNIX.   Some people have come out all hyped up over the products but we will have to see if Microsoft comes out guns blazing.  we will also have to wait to see the prices.  Following Microsofts trends of late I am expecting a cut down free version of Expression Studios but we will have to see if the pricing of the professional versions makes it appealing to existing flash customers.



1. ThunkDifferent.com - May 2, 2007

It looks like Netflix is really embracing Silverlight, they are mashing it with AJAX and ready to roll out a new service. Hopefully it goes well, us consumers are the ones to benefit after all.

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