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To Be or not to Be that is the question April 17, 2007

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One of my favorite operating systems from the 90’s attempted a little comeback. It was the BeOS. It tried the comeback as a new branded OS called Yellowtab Zeta. Well apparantly the main developer of Zeta, Bernd Korz, maintains what he was doing was legal while Access (PalmSource) say differently.

Bernd commented on his blog in some vague statement that he is going to talk to his attorneys last Thursday and promised a response that never arrived.  Meanwhile David “Lefty” Schlesinger from Access is requesting a copy of the license which Korz has not provided seemingly unable.

If you have Zeta installed on your system now may be the time to uninstall it.  There is a legal copy of an Open Source version of BeOS called Haiku coming soon and in the works.  BeOS Max has even gotten an okay from Access for redistribution “unofficially”  I do have the BeOS MAX distribution running in a virtual machine and cant wait for the legal Haiku to be released.  The one thing the BeOS community needs to remember is that Access is not the bad guy in this case.  they like any company are interested in protectng their intellectual property.  The bad guys are YellowTab, Magnussoft and Bernd Korz who seemingly stole from Access and are unwilling to fess up to the very real reality they are theives.  So please like the UNIX lawsuits of the 90’s which nearly destroyed one of the best OS’s in history, dont let this turn you off to the BeOS.  It may be on its way to a comeback and besides, it wont be the first time someone in this industry has been Bernd.



1. Sword King - January 13, 2008

It’s an old story, but one I just now came across. Apparently, Bernd had a license b4 Be sold out to Palm, which he maintained was continued with Palm. Access aquired this “stuff” from Palm, which includes the license to Bernd. Without a whole lot of capital, though, it’s awfully hard to fight a legal battle, and Zeta, YellowTab, etc., were never wallowing in a lot of cash.

Point well taken that Bernd didn’t provide proof that he had the license. In my part of the world, innocence is (supposed to be) presumed, guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so it would have to be proven that he doesn’t have a license — pretty much impossible. In other parts of the world it’s different. But knowing what I know, & living where I live, I would probably have done pretty much the same, given the same situation.

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