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PCLinuxOS 2007 released May 22, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Uncategorized.

PCLinuxOS 2007 has been released to the public.  The final version was released yesterday. Much faster than .93 and faster than some KDE centric distros like OpenSUSE, Kubuntu and Mepis.




1. Erik - May 22, 2007

Well… You have always praised it so maybe I could give it a spin.

Btw. as a KDE “fan” you maybe could try KDE4 and do a very early review?

2. rjdohnert - May 22, 2007

Im downloading the ISO now. Should have a review in a few days. Thanks Erik.

3. Erik - May 25, 2007

Well, how KDE4 looked like?
I’m not big KDE fan. I like GNOME… a lot. It’s simple.

4. rjdohnert - May 26, 2007

Im actually finishing up the write-up, expect it to go up by Monday at the latest. Its actually looking pretty good so far.

5. Erik - May 26, 2007

That’s really nice to hear, thanks.

It still lacks of new theme etc. but should have a lot of improvements already over 3.x serie. Simpler by default but still very tunable.
I’m sure final KDE4 will be a excellent release. It’s interesting to see what’s GNOME developers answer (maybe social network like BigBoard, …). Competition is good 🙂

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