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Recovering from a catostrophic computer crash June 2, 2007

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I unfortunately this week, Monday, suffered from a serious hard drive crash.  I finally got the works up last night at 3 am.  Here was the adventure to getting the hard drive issue fixed.

Monday:  7:30 am – Checking e-mail when I noticed this strange noise coming from the main system.

9:30 am – Noticed the noise has gotten a lot worse and now the volume of the noise keeps raising then lowering, raising then lowering.

9:35 am – Sounds like a chainsaw now, Im finishing up on my KDE 4 review when I hear a snap and a pop.  Linux kernel panics.

9:36 am – I try to reboot it and when hard drive is found I cry

9:40 am – I kick the computer and curse at it

10:00 am – I apologize and set computer upright.

3:00 pm  I stop by Tiger direct to purchase new Hard Drive

7:00 pm – I put in the hard drive and turn on the system

7:05 pm – I put in the OpenSolaris disk and install OpenSolaris, I set up partitions to install Linux

9:00 pm – I put in PCLinuxOS disk and install PCLinuxOS

4:00 am – I go to bed


8:00 am – I wake up

8:45 am – After a 5 shot Americano I boot the PC.

8:45:50 am – No Hard Drive found

9:00 am – Open case

9:01 am – Check jumpers and power supply, everything AOK

9:30 am – Drive to Tiger Direct outlet store

9:36 am – Wait to be helped

9:45 am – Still waiting

10:02 am – Am finally helped.

10:15 am – Get a new HD

1:00 pm – Go over to see my brother and stay with him for a few days to help him with some manual labor tasks


4:00pm – Install new HD

5:00 pm – Put in PCLinuxOS disk and install


12:00 am –  Run backups on data.  everything but what I had done in recent days was on backup

1:00 am – Realizing all my website information and my KDE 4 review is gone .. I cry

4:00 am – Go to bed

10:00am – Wake up

10:02 am – Turn on PC .. IT STILL WORKS!!!



1. kelly - August 18, 2007

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