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Not everyones so easily fooled June 13, 2007

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Mary Jo foley pretty much sums it up in her blog post.  Mac OS X leopard looks almost identical to Windows Vista and Cybermagellan over at Channel 9 is also correct in ways, The Project Looking glass association****.

 I watched Steves keynote and the first thought that came to mind is “Thiefs”.   Its not just a clever nod, its a blatant ripoff.  Even down to the wallpaper.  Remember the glass blades in Windows Vista betas and RC’s.  As Mary Jo points out, Leopard is 64 bit, no more 32 bit while this may appear to put Apple ahead it doesnt.  Apple will have the same hardware drivers issues and mass adoption I think will be slower because of the lack of 32 bit.  Not everyone will rush off to sell their current machine on eBay in order to get a 64 bit machine.   

Apple has some nerve calling Microsoft thieves when its clear where the inspiration for Leopard came from.  Apple should call this release Mac Vista.  Not the first time Apple ripped off someone elses idea.  Do you guys remember Konfabulator?

***** I thought the Project Looking Glass similarities in the Dock were a nod to Sun because it was rumored Apple would be using ZFS, which has been shot down

Schwartz needs to be more careful what he wishes to announce.  It could, as in this case, backfire and make him look like an idiot.



1. kettch - June 13, 2007

Something that I noticed is that Jobs was having trouble holding on to the audience. It was very evident that there were times when the “Wow” just wasn’t there. It sounded like the crowd was wondering “OK, that’s cool, what’s the punchline? Oh, you were serious.”

Even during last years keynote, I kept feeling like he was losing the crowd, but they were being strung along by the way he kept talking about the ‘extra special secret things we’ve got planned that are going to make this really worth it’. This year I think that he just plain didn’t delivery the goods.

The man is crazy. Well, many influential leaders have been crazy, but he’s getting to where he might get fired again.

BTW, can you add a required tag to the email address? I typed out my post and submitted it. I got an error that said I missed required fields. Then I had to retype the whole thing and it’s not nearly as good as when the thoughts were fresh.

2. PWdude - June 13, 2007

Wow, all the apple kids have gone crazy!

3. Dave - June 13, 2007

How can they be theives! What they copied was Mac OS X 10.3.9.
Look up David Pogue in youtube or in the NYtimes column, he compares Vista to 10.3.9/10.4.x and how VISTA copied mac os x. Not the other way around. I don’t get why your blaming apple. Apple’s improving ox s 10.3.9 and 10.4.x with leapord. Microsoft IS copying them. Email me if you disagree, I’d be happy to show you the proof.

4. Shannon - June 13, 2007

I can’t believe how many people are making these comments about leopard vs. vista. HAVE YOU PEOPLE NEVER EVER USED A MAC IN YOUR LIFE?!?! Mac OS X has looked like this for ages. Vista ripped off Mac OS X (Tiger) …and then (not suprisingly) Apple simply built on their old Mac OS X to make Leopard. So no it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Leopard looks like Vista – but these comments that Leopard copied from Vista are so incredibly ignorant that they can be nothing short of hilarious.

What really scares me is how many people ignorantly agree…

5. Marcus - June 13, 2007

If you windoze people are so smart, why can’t you seem to get your facts right? Vista/Longhorn took 5 years to make. Hmm I wonder why. Perhaps cause M$ was taking its time looking at OS X mature and develop over the 5 years its been out! David Pogue is correct when he says Vista is to PCs as Panther/Tiger is to Macs. O and this Mary Jo Foley lady needs to do some research before she attends a WWDC and then comes back to write a FUD article on which she believes her opinions are true. These people just simply amaze me.

6. kettch - June 13, 2007

As far as copying goes, many of the concepts that Microsoft “stole” from OS X were actually present in pre-alpha bits of Longhorn before XP even shipped and before OS 10.0 shipped.

Vista only took 5 years to ship from a certain point of view. technically speaking the vast majority of what actually shipped is about 2.5 years old.

Overall, this is hilarious. Why is it that most Windows users can have a technical conversation about the merits of operating systems and Mac users must resort to emotionally charged attacks? I would advise you to have some quantifiable technical knowledge about your arguments before you make them, and “Because His Holiness The Wise and Beneficent Jobs said so” does not count.

I want to be cool like the Mac people.

OMFG WTF wind0ze is teh sux0r Mac r0x()rz j00!!!11!!ELEVENTYONE!!

Hmmm, that wasn’t easy. It’s kind of hard to simulate the effects of a lobotomy without actually performing one. Maybe if I go find some hard liquor.

7. Shannon - June 14, 2007

Its not about anyone stealing from anyone. The sharing of technology breeds new technology – its a good thing.

But for a “technology reporter” to make such a blatantly ignorant post about how much leopard looks like vista. When in reality leopard looks like tiger, and vista looks like tiger – is just plain ignorant. She started the pointing fingers of who stole from who – people around the web are just correcting her.

The woman should be fired for that article. Talk about a lobotomy.

8. tehsheriff.org » Blog Archive » Leopard vs. Vista - June 15, 2007

[…] something to keep me occupied while I’m working. So as I was browsing, I found this article. This idiot commented on her article saying how right she was. I just wanted to rant myself about how stupid […]

9. Darren - June 18, 2007

Most of the new OS stuff was demo’d in Feb at MacWorld! So that’s why the crowd didn’t seem over excited, plus the fact they had been developing it in the betas before then. I love the way all the MS fans jumped on her article to slam Macs before checking if she has a friggin clue what she was talking about!!

I mean Widgets have been in Tiger for years so how the hell did they copy that from Vista? Doh!

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