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Obviously many people are fooled June 17, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

My last article ‘Not everyones so easily fooled’ ticked off a bunch of people.  Well some people agree, some people disagree. 

 First to answer most of the accusations that Im a “Windows only guy” is extremely false.  I happen to use Linux, BSD, and have a couple of Macs.  One of them runs Yellowdog Linux by the way, which let me give a quick plug is one of the most feature comparable Linux distributions for the PowerPC family. 

Now.  No, Im not jealous of Apples interface, and no I am not saying Apples not creative.  Apple just stole ideas from Vista and Project Looking Glass.  Spotlight gets the ability to search files across the network and on servers.  Sound familiar?  It should, Microsoft has been touting these features for years.  Windows Volume Shadow Copy has been around since Windows Server 2003, Time Machine may be visually nicer but Windows Vista had the feature first.  Who made the taskbar/dock transparent first?  Despite some third party hacks Microsoft did it first and foremost.  Does Quicklook look familiar?  Why yes,  its called Flip3D on Windows Vista and whats even more amazing is that Project Looking glass had that transition effect long before either one had.  Does the new Dock look familiar?  Take a look and see for yourself.

What disappointing for me is that Apple could not show it was at least copying with a little bit of tact.  Everything I have seen from the menubar, all the way to the desktop wallpaper screams inspiration from something else and in my opinion does not showcase the creativity of the Mac team.  Leopard feels more like playing catch up than anything else.  Who knows maybe Apple will “WOW” me by the time Leopard is released.  I have a bunch of comments, e-mails and whatever telling me I didnt do my research, that Im an idiot and one that even told me my mother is ugly (nope, not kidding)  But maybe these people need to get their heads out of their asses, watch the PDC videos and even the WinHEC keynotes from years past.  Before you tell someone to do their research, how about you do yours.



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