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Windows vs the world September 19, 2007

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Being a Microsoft user and a supporter I often get slammed by the occasional open source or Mac zealot who tell me all the time I made a bad choice.  Windows sucks, Mac and Linux rock and Microsoft is going to die a horrible death and the industry will be stuck relying on an outdated, unsupportable and dead thing on my laptops, server and desktops.  The best way to roll is open source all the way or the more pop culture poular choice, Mac OS X.

I can admit Windows has its faults.  Its expensive, plagued by script kiddies and has bugs.  I often cough this up to Microsofts success.  Microsoft has been successful and at the time when Windows was initially designed the threat matrix was slightly different.  Back then you only had to worry about some moron with a floppy disk, now if any computer is hooked up to the world wide web its at risk.

Does Windows Vista defy the laws of physics and manage to suck and blow at the same time?  No it doesnt.  Sure it has its problems.  Hardware doesnt work with it, some companies are delaying the release of device drivers while some device drivers wont be rewritten and the hardware will be obsolete.  Does this make Linux and Mac any different or better?  No, some hardware I have is incompatible with Linux and the Mac, with no device drivers in sight.  Some of it is the same hardware that Vista doesnt supportso if I go to Linux, Im screwed, if I switch to the Mac, Im screwed.  So I have to buy new hardware either way.  This is why I pull out some of my remaining hair and Im north of 30 so you know its not coming back.  The constant sensless blathering of the extremists that I need to switch because of hardware support.

 Operating system features.  Do I really care?  No.  Do I need rotating desktops, to see through windows, to have my windows do a little dance.  No I dont.  I really like to turn some of that crap off.  Its useless, I dont call my friends over to look at my dancing windows and I sure as hell dont see a need to do a screencast and post it on youtube.  Does this show technical superiority as far as OS’s go?  No, it just shows that developers like some users have too much time on their hands.

So Vista was released with some problems, well guess what.  So was Ubuntu 7.04.  My wireless USB adaptior that I love so much still doesnt work and it kernel panics when I use ndiswrapper.  My networked printer still doesnt show up in Ubuntu.  The curious thing is that it works with Freespire 2.0 which is Ubuntu based.  So if I really hate Vista and decided to give Bill and Ballmer the middle finger, where would I go?  To the mac? You think you have vendor lock in problems with Windows?  Besides I hate white, gets dirty too quick.  How about Linux?  Lets go with Ubuntu. Like I said, its a no go. 

WGA is a problem in the Windows world.  What happens in three years I go on eBay and decide to buy a used server, I get a copy of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, will I be able to activate it?  Probably not.  I can hear the barely english understandable rep now.  ” we dont activate those systems now, you have to get Windows Vista”  Even if Vista wont run on the machine.  So granted in a case like that I have one of three options.  Pirate Windows.  I like my freedom and dont feel like commiting a larceny. 2nd option, buy a Mac instead.  Where Im locked in hardware and software and Apple with the very next release could very well say the next version of OS X wont run on my hardware purchase.  3rd Option; move to Linux where that community will witch and moan and cry in my beer that Hardware developer A wont commit to the open source community.

So whats the whole point behind this opinion piece?  Im getting tired of everyone complaining about Microsoft and their products.  I get tired of hearing about them complaining about percieved problems when guess what the grass isnt necessarily greener on the other side.  Im definately sick and tired of eWeek and other journalists who think they are experts in the field of IT and giving “recommendations” on what people better use.  Here is my recommendation, use what you want and what works for you.  Windows has its problems. Every system out there right now has its problems.  Mac users and Linux users and developers, quit focusing on Microsoft and Windows Vista and fix the problems with your own platform.  Oh and please quit telling me Microsoft is a dying company.  Its not, it shows your stupidity and doesnt help your case at all.



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[…] I can admit Windows has its faults.  Its expensive, plagued by script kiddies and has bugs.  I often cough this up to Microsofts success.  Microsoft has been successful and at the time when Windows was initially designed the threat matrix was slightly different."Read the rest here […]

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