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OS/2 Open Source January 22, 2008

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One article over on OS/2 World.com caught my attention.  It was a letter from IBM regarding a possible open sourcing of OS/2.  The short version being that its not going to happen. While many on OS News are quick to contribute the reasons to Microsoft and blame Microsoft, as always seems to be the case in the Open Source world, Microsoft has nothing if anything to do with IBM’s position.

I wrote on OSNews that I challenge IBM’s sincerity to their commitment to Open Source since they are unwilling to even work on this.  If Sun can open source Solaris after years of work, IBM can open source OS/2.

To have a successful Open Source project you have to look at several factors the most important being; Is there a need?  With OpenSolaris, Linux, BSD and at least 2 more than capable proprietary offerings is there really a need for this technology?  MacOS/Windows/Linux/BSD/Solaris are already light years ahead of OS/2 at this point.  An open source OS/2 project would take a while toeven bring OS/2 up to par of where it needs to bee.

What are the advantages of making this technology open source?  Is there a competitive edge to be achieved by making the technology open source.

Third an final criteria, will open sourcing this technology interfere with my investments in other technologies?  When you invest over a billion dollars in competing technologies you have to evaluate what your priorities are.  IBM’s commitment is to Linux and UNIX technologies now and have invested a ton of cash into Linux why compete with itself?

I think IBM will be happy to let father time come and swoop up OS/2 and to just let OS/2 die already.

Link to OS/2 World

Link to OSNews article 



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