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BREAKING: Michael Dell drops Linux February 1, 2008

Posted by rjdohnert in 1.

On Michael Dells corporate site just weeks before the Ubuntu launch Mike had a machine listed as his home machine running Ubuntu, the Dell Precision M90.

Well, since the Ubuntu launch Mike has upgraded that system to a newer model the Dell Precision M6300 which runs Windows XP x64 edition. Now my question is this, why didnt he install Ubuntu? Surely Ubuntu is just as good as Windows as he has his marketing team claim, right? No. But the fact remains not one Ubuntu machine remains in his heart or in his home office.  So what happened? Its called marketing people. He reached out that olive branch to the Linux community and in Charlton Heston fashion was like, ” I understand you, I am a Linux user like all of you.” When in reality has he heard of Ubuntu, I don’t doubt it and I’m sure he moved the mouse around on the screen and even took it with him on his dinner trip with Mark Shuttleworth. But has he ever used the system? probably not. Has he ever seen or fixed the damage done by installing a faulty x server update? probably not, has he ever tried to take an off the shelf piece of hardware and attempt to install it in Ubuntu? Probably not.

Prime example of marketing at its best. My only question though, if Ubuntu is just as good as Windows and Michael Dell wants people to use Ubuntu and buy the machines from Dell why doesn’t he lead by example and use Ubuntu?



1. Cata - February 1, 2008

Because people* want software compatibility not OS’es. Windows gives you the easiest time to install practically anything from video players to drivers to instant messengers to games to scientific applications. You have everything in windows and not only that but it’s hassle free and extremely easy to find (it’s easier to find bad things too, but that’s a whole different story).

Footnote * Mac fans don’t want software compatibility they are happy by not to being able to install almost anything, because that’s the thing they run away from: ‘installing’.

2. BREAKING: Michael Dell drops Linux - Rod Trent at myITforum.com - February 1, 2008
3. Richard Chapman - February 1, 2008

Hey Cata. “You have everything in windows and not only that but it’s hassle free and extremely easy to find” Please tell us what happens when someone installs XP while connected to the Internet and does nothing else? Isn’t Windows a complete product? No? Do you mean to say that if some poor soul installs XP without purchasing and installing auxiliary software to make their computer safe, it will become a festering stew of malware in a matter of minutes? How does Microsoft justify selling people an incomplete product? The answer is simple, it makes more money for them, their partners and most importantly, their stockholders. And kudos to Microsoft for convincing nearly everybody on the planet that just like there is only one Sun, there is only one operating system, theirs. Amazing.

4. ThomasW - February 2, 2008

>if Ubuntu is just as good as Window

This is the key-point: Ubuntu is NOT as good as windows.

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