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My Machines and setup February 2, 2008

Posted by rjdohnert in 1.

My recent post about Mike Dell dumping Linux has invited some inquiries about what I run and my choices of operating systems. So here is my list of machines and OS’s included.

1 Dell Precision 530 – Dual Processor 1.5 ghz: Kubuntu 7.10
2 Dell GX400 Towers 1.8ghz: A) FreeBSD B) PC-BSD
2 Dell PowerEdge 500SC 1ghz: A) Ubuntu Server B) OpenBSD
1 Dell Inspiron 530 Dual Core : Windows Vista Ultimate DB PCLinuxOS 2007
1 Dell Dimension 3000 3.0ghz: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

2 Dell PowerEdge 500SC 1.2 ghz: Variety of Windows XP, Ubuntu and BSD — Used for testing

1 Dell Dimension L500c: 400mhz: Fileserver Zenwalk 5


1 Dell Inspiron 2500 800mhz: PCLinuxOS 2007
1 Dell Inspiron 2500 800mhz: Kubuntu 8.04 Alpha
1 IBM ThinkPad X21 800mhz: Kubuntu 7.10
1 Dell Lattitude 1.4 ghz: PC-BSD DB PCLinuxOS 2007
1 MacBook: Mac OS X 10.5 DB w/ BootCamp Windows Server 2003 Standard

Exotic Machines (mostly used less than the others)

Sun w2100z 2.4GHz: Sun workstation Solaris 10 and Windows XP donated by a client of mine many thanks Jim DeCostas

SGI Octane: Irix 6.5

Compaq AlphaServer: VMS (hasnt been turned on in about 2 years)

My variety of machines and OS’s so I’m very diverse in my choices. Depending on the day and my mood and which one is closer depends on which is my main machine. I usually carry 2 laptops, usually the X21 and the Macbook.



1. ritchan - April 19, 2008

I’m looking for an Octane on the cheap side myself… one day I might also want to get myself an AlphaServer. Mmm.

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