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Is Vista a dead horse February 5, 2008

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

Many people complain about Windows Vista, its shortcomings and how Vista basically sucks. Microsoft is dead and slow at delivery and they never learn from their mistakes. Two things are in common here with Windows Vista and Mac OS X

At the turning point of the technology they both sucked.

Whenever you deliver new tech they all suck. My example here is OS X public beta and even the RTM release of Mac OS X 10.0. Mac OS X Public Beta sucked so bad it was the first time in my life when I thought Apples developers had lost it. Vistas public beta wasnt as bad as OS X public beta, so why didnt we hear about it? When Apple makes a mistake its OK, Apple will fix it. I think that there isn’t as much ill will towards Apple as there is towards Microsoft and lets face it most of the Mac and Linux loving press guys, Jason Brooks, Steven Vaughn-Nichols , Robin Miller and the rest of the Linux and Mac loving communities love to see Microsoft fall flat on its face.  Blogging also wasn’t as big during the Mac OS X Public Beta days and OSX RTM days as it is now.  Apple should also think of those days when they put up the slowly-becoming-annoying “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” ads.  People are under the impression that when Microsoft screws up Microsoft just continues to screw up and the press starts on the “Microsoft is dead” shtick that usually accompanies the Vista sucks articles. I dont think thats the case, it would be if Microsoft was stagnant but the products become better.  Look at XP SP2 and Visual Studios, every release gets better.  Tonight I got into a very heated but productive argument with a Mac user, to which I made the comment that ” I’m not ready to write Microsoft of yet as I didn’t write off Apple when they released that crap they called OS X 10.0″ that started a long discussion of IE vs Safari, IE and Safari vs Firefox and circled around to OS X and Windows. To me OS X became really useful and stable at version 10.3 to which the Mac lover responded that she thought OS X 10.0 was the best OS Apple ever delivered.

In a room full of Mac/Linux users where I was started to become the anti-Christ all attention left me and all eyes went to her and suddenly, silence. She realized she A) lost the argument and B) made the stupidest comment anyone had ever made. The Linux and Mac users then started listening and we ended up having several discussions, the Mac lover disappeared and I finally saw her again as I was getting ready to leave and she was outside smoking a cigarette. The final conversation was amicable and she made the comment ” I am passionate about the Mac.” I made the comment, “I’m passionate about technology and I don’t belong to any fan club” I stayed 15 extra minutes and we discussed the MacBook Pro, photography and we both agreed that the iPhone sucks and that the Razr and the Blackberry were better devices. Of course I have to be careful, the lady is new and I have to work with her.


One thing I had forgotten but was reminded of and remember as a developer, consumer and technology connoisseur is that when you change frameworks, driver model and the basic structure of any software stack its going to suck. If Microsoft doesn’t work to improve Vista then I will write off Vista as a POS and move on. I’m holding off my judgment until Windows 9, Why? It took Apple 3 versions to make OS X the thing of beauty it has become I can at least offer Microsoft and their developers the same courtesy. Microsoft should do with Windows 7 what Apple did with OS X  10.1  offer it for free.  From my testings I believe Windows Server 2008 is a rock solid, awesome product. I don’t know about Vista SP1 as I haven’t installed it yet. From what I have heard its pretty good.

So if Microsoft turns around and delivers the most awesome version of Windows does that mean I will eBay off my Macs and delete all my instances of Linux and UNIX and go solely with Windows? Of course not. I’m passionate about all technology and don’t belong to any fan club.



1. Is Vista a dead horse? - Noticias externas - February 5, 2008

[…] My example here is OS X public beta and even the RTM release of Mac OS X 10.0."Read more hereSo what do you guys think Will Vista get better or has Microsoft hit the plateau and will decline […]

2. papakeel - February 20, 2008

Re: “Is Vista A Dead Horse?” Thank you for being fair and objective and, in my judgment, correct in this seemingly never ending cult argument. BTW, I use XP Pro, OSX 10.4 and OSX 10.5.

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