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SCO is back February 16, 2008

Posted by rjdohnert in Opinions.

With $100 million dollars and McBride is gone.  While many in the tech community are pissed off, I welcome the news.  If SCO is right, it will be proven, if SCO is wrong, it will be proven.  There has to be a resolution to this and just because one company is on thin ice doesnt bring closure it doesnt resolve anything.

So what about the fact that the judge ruled that Novell and not SCO own the UNIX copyrights?  Well he did, but in the process he violated SCO’s rights..  SCO asked for a trial by jury and they were denied, a trial by jury is the fundamental rights in this country regardless of whether you are white, black, puerto rican, asian, native american, swahili, whatever you are entitled to a trial by jury.  If I killed a roomful of people would I not get a trial by jury?  You are damn right I would.  From my understanding when the judge ruled in that case he didn’t go by the contract, if he did SCO would have Novell dead to rights.  Instead he went by the objectives and the intent of the original deal.  Well I’m sorry if Novells attorneys screwed up and misread that contract.  They signed the deal and the deal was done.  Dont come crrying 13 years later and if Novell is so sure it owns those contracts and copyrights where’s the open sourcing?  Now before I get one idiot who says that, well there are other copyright holders!!!, A) thats true, B) If you have ever read the licensing agreement to UNIX you basically gave up all your rights lock stock and barrel so while an excuse its not a valid excuse.  Novell is full of con artists.  I refuse to do business with them myself and I have a distinct feeling they know soon the rugs going to be pulled out from under their feet.  If the Linux community is hanging their hopes on Novell you guys are fools.

I’m looking forward to the rest of this saga and await a FULL resolution, sooner than later.   But, its a case thats not going to end quickly or speedily.



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