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Does the Verizon settlement give the GPL teeth March 23, 2008

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Sadly the answer is no.  The Verizon settlement did not change anything at all.  Verizon settled out of court.  The GPL needs to have a definitive WIN, not a settlement.

Companies get sued for everything these days.  Hell Starbucks Coffee Company got sued for tips.  Companies when dealing with lawsuits must decide which ones are worth fighting and which ones are just cheaper to dispose of.

I am not surprised Verizon settled.  In the long run it made sense to them.  This isnt a core part of their business.  Now if it had attacked a core part of their business they probably wouldnt have settled and fought this and kept it tied up in the courts until the developers of BusyBox were  welcoming the birth of their second great grandchild.

In a word this was a non-event.  I look forward to the day when the GPL get a definitive, rock solid win in a court of law.  Until then, this is business as usual.


The Future Of Darl McBride March 7, 2008

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Now that Darl is no longer the CEO of SCO, I have thought, Whats he going to do?  He has a family, a man needs to earn a living.  So I have come up with a list for Darl.  Sort of like Lettermans top 10 but for Darl.

10.  Become a farmer.. Utah is a main state on the frontier.  Farming is in his blood as he has said before and everyman at one point or another should embrace his roots.

9.  Go work for the airlines.. Airlines are always getting sued but Darl could bring about a new age.  His company could sue the other for using planes.  After all, Wings and the fuselage need a specific design, Delta could be committing patent infringement.

8.  Become Steve Ballmers replacement.  Go ahead and continue down the path.  Can you imagine the most hated man in tech working for the most hated company in tech?  A match made in heaven.

7.  Start his own Linux distribution.

6.  Start his own chain of McDonalds.  They use SCO UnixWare and he could serve up penguin burgers.

5.  Work for Starbucks.  Starbucks is a unique environment and Darl could survive off of Starbucks he has that plastic smile that would let him fit right in as a Starbucks barista or even a Starbucks executive.

4.  Go work for Sun.  Anyman who can talk millions of dollars out of McNealys hand has my respect.

3.  Best Buy is always excepting applications.

2. Make his own line of fine linens and cookware, sell them at Sears and sue Martha Stewart

1. Become a legal consultant

So there we have it folks, a few ideas for Darl McBride.  Whatever he does, I wish Darl McBride the best of luck for his future.