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Google Chrome and I’m a PC September 19, 2008

Posted by rjdohnert in 1.

Well guys Im back and I picked probably two of the most controversial subjects I can possibly pick.  First, Google Chrome.  I used Chrome on both a Windows machine and via Linux and while I tried really, really hard to like Google Chrome I just dont.  Its not that its not technically sound, it is.  Chrome uses webkit and is fast but I just didnt like the interface and I just dont see the point behind Chrome.  There are enough browsers, especially Windows based ones.  The idiot who thinks Google Chrome will develop into a web OS is out of his f^%king mind.   The two killers of Chrome, A) its Windows only.  They promise a Linux and Mac version but I seriously doubt they will come to pass.  On Linux most of Google apps turn out to just run in Wine or are very poor ports of their Windows counterparts, ie Google Gadgets and Google Desktop.  Picasa is great, I ship it with PC/OS but the problem with using Wine is that with Chrome its will be much more difficult to pull off mostly because of the multi-process architecture, if you need an example of Chrome sucking on Wine check out CrossOver Chromium

Try watching flash content with that sucker, try playing an online game.  The experience sucks.

B) How does this make the web better?  You can implemement the functionality using IE and Firefox, wait… Its being done already.  So back to my original question, why?

C) Chrome to me just feels like a me too product.  How is this going to reignite  the browser wars when its so limited in what it can do.  People like hearing about companies taking on the Evil empire and trying to crumble the walls of tyranny and I think this is whats the hype.  The “Hooray, Google released the GBrowser” sentiment is taking over not the technical aspects of Chrome because if you go by the technical merits of Chrome you dont have a leg to stand on.  I have been watching the Chromium group on Google groups and have been talking to colleagues and friends about it and we all come to the same conclusion, as in the old 80’s commercial “Wheres the beef”

Who knows when Google Chrome gets released for multiple systems to where the experience doesnt suck and when it comes out of beta.  I may change my mind, but until that time my attention just isnt peaked.

The next topic of conversation is, Im a PC.  These are the ads that Microsoft is running to counter Apples ads.  I personally like them more than Apples.  At least Microsofts ads dont try to make me feel like a moron for buying a PC.  But the one thing that I dont think anyone else has ever noticed.  In Apples ads the “Mac” Justin Long played in the movie Live Free or Die Hard as a computer hacker.  Well the Mac in that movie used PC’s not Apple branded systems so apparantly he is a PC too.

Great ads.



1. media boy - September 20, 2008

it’s funny, the more i use Chrome, the more unstable it seems to get… crashes a lot more, can’t handle sites with flash, hangs every time i close a tab… all that to say, i’m switching back to Firefox

2. chrome sucks - September 21, 2008

chrome sucks. ui is bad. you uninstall it, and google update keeps on running at startup.. oh wait, it runs on startup? WTF? google forces me to run an app on startup? without my knowledge? fkin lame…

3. art - November 18, 2008

Two things:

1) Chrome for Mac will be out by the end of the year, so you’re wrong there.

2) Those lovely PC commercials that you like so much were actually made on Macs. That’s gotta be a shot at Gates’ and PC-lovers’ egos.

rjdohnert - December 6, 2008

1. Here we are two weeks until the end of year and yet, no chrome for Mac and judging by the forum posts doesnt look like its coming to pass

2. Oh yeah, really? proved by a guy who by accident erased the files from his computer that contained the metadata and cant back it up and just used his post to garner AdSense revenue, I wonder how much he got from that?

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