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McCain just doesnt get it October 13, 2008

Posted by rjdohnert in 1.

Ok, this post isnt about tech.  But I figured what the hell, I would chime in my thougts on the state of the election.  I have always voted republican.  This go around was going to be no different until I started looking at the issues and looking at both parties.  I consider the presidential elections a very serious event.  We are choosing our leader for the next 4 maybe 8 years and this one has been one clusterfuck after the other.

First off lets look at McCain.  McCains been acting like a jackass.  He avoids the issues when at all possible and has resorted to theatrics and basic playground insults to keep Obama out of office.  When he brings up Obamas voting record in the senate he follows up by not telling us how he voted on the same issue but rather on a different isssue altogether.  he tries to showboat yet he doesnt have the same same charisma that lets say, Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison has.  he is just vanilla to me and Im sorry I need more than just someone who is going to sit on the stage and hobble around like a 90 year old who OD’ed on Viagra.

Then there is Palin.  I tried really, really hard to like Palin.  I read about the woman and I liked what I saw and I was like “he made the right choice” then after I start hearing the press releases and then I went and saw her speak as well as the debate and my thought was..What a moron.  She like McCain just dont get it.

They throw around the word Maverick.  They are mavericks and they are going to Maverick their way into the white house.  I dont want a maverick in the white house and I sure as hell dont want two mavericks in the white house.  We need leaders.  Whats the difference?  A maverick is someone who doesnt run with the pack and who fundamentally makes decisions based on their own desires, where as a leader is someone who will listen to others, who will take the reigns when a difficult decision needs to be made, someone who will sacrifice even himself personally if thats what it takes to execute.  Does McCain or even Palin have that characteristic?  i dont think so.

Now look at Obama.  I have a lot of respect, not just because he is black.  Obama has sacrificed a lot for this run.  Despite what people say racism is still alive and well and if you hear most of the rhetoric about Obama its because of his color.  People think he is an arab, he isnt.  They think he pals around with terrorists, he doesnt and yet despite everything he keeps campaigning and his life is under a microscope right now by his naysayers just looking to knock him off his branch.  Coming from a military background I can say this I have seen some great soldiers who turned out to suck as commanding officers and I have seen some piss poor soldiers who turn out to be true leaders.  One statement McCain made that I do agree with is that the job of president doesnt allow for on the job training.  As far as Im concerned being a senator and being a president are two totally different jobs and whoever gets the job will have to endure on the job training whether its McCain or Obama.

I think Obama is fit for the job of president, does he have the polish? I dont think so but I will endure someone who will do 115% to get the job done, to execute decisions and to think outside the box than someone who thinks they are gods gift to politics, he talks just to hear himself speak and who has a record of avoiding serious issues and just calls himself a maverick because its good campaign talk.



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