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Using Plaxo Contacts in KDE Kontact and Evolution August 19, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Application Development, My Links.

Seeing as Plaxo doesnt make a plugin for Kontact here is a way to be able to have all your Plaxo contacts in KDE Kontact.

1. Login to your Plaxo account

2. Choose Export Link

3. Export as a vCard .vcf file

4. Open Kontact

5. Click File and Import and navigate to your saved .vcf file

6. Click Open and your contacts are imported

Now what to do when you add contacts and want to upload them to Plaxo
1. In Kontact click on Contacts

2. Go to File –> Export

3. Export as a vcard 3.0 file and when selected another dialog box will open. choose which contacts to export, click on all contacts and click OK, Select vCard fields, dialog will open and click the fields you want. A question Dialog will appear and ask if you want tpo Export to Several files or Export to one file, click on Export to one file. Choose file name and save location

4. go to http://www.plaxo.com

5. Sign in to your account

6. Click on the Import link

7. Choose vcard and navigate to your file on your PC and upload.

You are done.

Follow basically the same instructions for Evolution