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OpenOffice.org now in Aqua flavor!!! September 7, 2006

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NeoOffice created by Patrick Luby and Edward Peterlin, which used to be the only modern flavor of OpenOffice.org for the Mac has now gotten better.  No more X11 required, all native Aqua.  Very nice port and it sticks primarily to the Mac OS X UI standards.  The dialogs could use more work but I have downloaded the build and its not bad.  Cant wait for the final.  As always, its Open Source and if you like the software consider making a donation to keep it going.  This was not an easy effort Im sure and the guys could probably use the support.



ISA Server Firewall Client 32 bit and 64 bit September 6, 2006

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As an ISA Server administrator, you can deploy the Firewall Client software on the client computers in your corporate network. In this way, these clients can have broader application access on the Internet; the client software enables clients to send requests to all Windows Sockets (Winsock)-based applications. Furthermore, as the administrator, you can configure a user-based firewall policy, which depends on the authentication credentials that the Firewall Client can present. This version of the Firewall Client software enables the installation of the Firewall Client on 32-bit and 64-bit computers.

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Using Plaxo Contacts in KDE Kontact and Evolution August 19, 2006

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Seeing as Plaxo doesnt make a plugin for Kontact here is a way to be able to have all your Plaxo contacts in KDE Kontact.

1. Login to your Plaxo account

2. Choose Export Link

3. Export as a vCard .vcf file

4. Open Kontact

5. Click File and Import and navigate to your saved .vcf file

6. Click Open and your contacts are imported

Now what to do when you add contacts and want to upload them to Plaxo
1. In Kontact click on Contacts

2. Go to File –> Export

3. Export as a vcard 3.0 file and when selected another dialog box will open. choose which contacts to export, click on all contacts and click OK, Select vCard fields, dialog will open and click the fields you want. A question Dialog will appear and ask if you want tpo Export to Several files or Export to one file, click on Export to one file. Choose file name and save location

4. go to http://www.plaxo.com

5. Sign in to your account

6. Click on the Import link

7. Choose vcard and navigate to your file on your PC and upload.

You are done.

Follow basically the same instructions for Evolution

Introduction to Windows Firewall with Advanced Security August 18, 2006

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Windows® Firewall with Advanced Security is a stateful, host-based firewall that blocks incoming and outgoing connections based on its configuration. While typical end-user configuration of Windows Firewall still takes place through the Windows Firewall Control Panel tool, advanced configuration now takes place in a Microsoft® Management Control (MMC) snap-in named Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. The inclusion of this snap-in not only provides an interface for configuring Windows Firewall locally but also for configuring Windows Firewall on remote computers and via Group Policy. Firewall functions are now integrated with IPsec (Internet Protocol security) protection settings, reducing the possibility of conflict between the two protection mechanisms. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security supports separate profiles for when computers are domain-joined or connected to a private or public network. It also supports the creation of rules for enforcing server and domain isolation policies. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security supports more granular rules, including Microsoft Active Directory® users and groups, source and destination Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, IP port number, ICMP settings, IPsec settings, specific types of interfaces, services, and more.

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Compute Cluster Pack SDK July 8, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Application Development, Tech News.
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The Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack Software Development Kit helps you create high performance parallel applications for Microsoft Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003. The SDK contains executable binaries for Microsoft MPI. It also contains C and FORTRAN headers and libraries for developing parallel applications using Microsoft MPI and includes application programming interfaces for integration with Microsoft Job Scheduler.

Link to Download

Utilities and SDK for Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications June 30, 2006

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Utilities and SDK for UNIX-Based Applications is an add-on to the Subsystem for UNIX-Based Applications (referred to as SUA, killed the Services for UNIX Product ) subsystem that shipped in Microsoft Windows Vista / Longhorn Server Beta 2.  This download only works on Vista and Longhorn Server Beta 2, not XP or Server 2003


Scribus for Windows April 8, 2006

Posted by rjdohnert in Application Development.
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Scribus, the Open Source desktop publishing application for Mac OS X and Linux have brough their application to the Windows platform.  A few years back I did a review of Scribus for OSNews and back then it was a fantastic app and its only gotten better.  It really helped that QT now has a Free Open Source version of QT for Native Windows before to get it working you needed Cygwin set up.  The Scribus community really gets it when it comes to what the true meaning of Open Source is.