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Review: Ubuntu 7.04 May 9, 2007

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Jason Brooks over at eWeek has posted a review on Ubuntu 7.04 that is just the worst review of any product that I have ever seen. Jasons quality in his articles have degraded recently.  I think Jason put it into overdrive and shoves his own foot down his throat more than ever.  Here is a quick down and dirty review of Ubuntu 7.04.  It blows dog and swallows.  If some miraculous turn that it doesnt kill half your hardware the graphics drivers included will crash yor system than on a system it will work on Synaptic keeps unexplainable closing while you are doing updates will surely get under your skin.  Windows killer?  Hell no, Im glad windows is around at least something works.  If you are interested in a Linux distribution I suggest PCLinuxOS.  It simply is radically simple.

Jason Brooks is going the way of SJVN. he is more and more a Linux zealot everyday and his reviews are starting to reflect that. I dont mind enthusiasts, but zealots like Jason and SJVN spread misinformation and try to get push their favorite products and refuse to acknowledge the shortcommings and clearly pushing a product like Ubuntu 7.04 that has some pretty severe bugs and pushing a brand that is not Enterprise ready at all is very irresponsible IMO.

Link to review 



1. Paul - May 9, 2007


I read with interest your comments and all I can say is I must have been born right. I’ve been running Feisty since it was released, on my laptop and have experienced a very smooth running operating system. I have had none of the Synaptic closing your mention at all.

Sorry you experience was not a good one.

By the way, I’ve tried PCLinux and it is a good system as well, I just decided to choose Ubuntu.

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