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IE 8 Renders Acid2 test December 20, 2007

Posted by rjdohnert in 1.

IE 8 now renders the Acid2 test. While an important move, is it a little too late? Unlike the Firefox zealots and IE naysayers I applaud this move by Microsoft. Once again it shows they are interested in web standards. IE 8 should be interesting and with the bit of screenshot it contains it doesnt look like many cosmetic changes are in store. Hopefully soon we will have a broader look at IE 8.

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Channel 9 video



1. Asa Dotzler - December 20, 2007

“Unlike the Firefox supporters I applaud this move by Microsoft.”

I’m curious what you mean by that. Firefox has been a leader in standards support among the mainstream browsers and we’ve done whatever we could to encourage other browser vendors to invest in supporting the standards that we’ve all agreed upon.

2. Roberto J. Dohnert - December 20, 2007

No disrespect intended torwards Firefox developers Asa. Whom I am refering to are the people who are saying ” A little too late” I will change that quote as so that not to be confusing.

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